27-09-2013  29-09-2013; Gastpresentatie tijdens Kunstroute 2013

Dear Paul,

I could just say that I like your work a great deal, but that would be to easy. And not really fair on the pictures themselves. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that the images you create stick in my memory long after I have ceased to look at them. That is an experience, I feel that is shared with a lot of people, and I wonder why that is.

Looking again at some of your work, it has struck me that you seem to be filming a huge, never ending dream.
Certainly, the light you create, and the colours you use, suggest another parallel world. And then there is your representation of flesh; it seems to be very liquid, very slippery and insubstantial. Things just seem to slip around in composition and texture. Figures seem to be cramped into a space they shouldn’t be in.

Your work is also very silent! I often wonder whether you need to create a soundtrack; as I think you have a secret piece of music for each of your pictures, but you don’t want us to hear them.
People in your pictures look as if they are on the point of telling us something; or are, indeed telling us something, it’s just that we can’t hear them.
Look for example at your image of the angry man with the cat; what’s going on there Paul?
I always feel that the cat is threatening to unleash the angy man onto me; as the man is obviosly in the cat’s power.

Richard Foster 2004
Artist and reviewer

…….Am I Einstein or Frankenstein?…… (James Maker)
……or just a visitor -and not a participant- in life.!?……

The danger (or advantage) of mental travelling is that you do not always return as the same entity.

Wie denke ich morgen? (George Grosz)

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